Saturday, August 18, 2018

August 18, 2018. In Colorado.

Today was the annual Peach Festival in Lafayette, CO. There is quite a big peach harvest here, and the peaches are great--we've been eating them all week! Germaine and I made plans to meet at the Peach Festival at 9 AM, so I left here on the bike at 8:20. It's 7 miles on a dirt trail, so I gave myself plenty of time to get there.

It was packed at the Peach Festival, which was supposed to start at 9 AM. I think they started early! Germaine left her phone at home, so she called Kathy from Ty's phone and got my number and we finally connected. We walked through the booths, buying nothing. There was peach soap, peach lotion, peach cobbler, peach pie, and countless other peach products, as well as a local artists selling their wares. We ate peach cobbler a la mode and then Germaine and I got on our bikes, leaving Ty there to meet his brother and sister in law.

Germaine and I went back to Kathy's on the same trail I took to Lafayette. It's a very nice trail, only one substantial hill.

We were pleased to get there before Eileen and Patti Ellen left. We got photos on the deck--here are Eileen and Germaine.

From left: Germaine, R, Kathy, Patti Ellen and Eileen.

R with Alabama friends Roman and Brenda.

It started raining about then, so Germaine decided to go with Kathy to take their sisters to the airport. I cleaned up and read my book, thinking we were done riding for the day.  But by the time they got home the rain had stopped so we got back on the bikes!

I've been looking for a photo opportunity with sunflowers and mountains and we found it today--the above photo was taken by Germaine. We rode a combination of road and paved trail to get to South Boulder, where Germaine and Ty live. We went to lunch first, then rode through their neighborhood for a short tour. After saying goodbye to Germaine and Ty I rode back to Kathy's for a total of 31 miles for the day.

I plan to ride in the morning and then clean Kathy's bike--it was freshly cleaned and tuned when I got here--now it is covered in trail dust, but I sure had a good time getting it dirty!

Friday, August 17, 2018

August 17, 2018. In Colorado.

This morning when I got on the bike I thought I probably should have taken a rest day. But I kept to the plan and rode over to Marshall Mesa to meet Germaine for a ride. When I got there we decided to go up into the mountains in the truck instead of biking to Eldoarado Springs.

We drove up Boulder Canyon, passing an old mine (there are many in this area, remnants of the Gold Rush of 1858-1861). We passed the small town of Nederland and continued up the mountain.

We were looking for a particular trail, but found the Sourdough Trail first, and decided to give it a try. That was perhaps not such a good idea. This was the roughest trail we have encountered so far!

We did not ride very far before we knew we were outclassed. We turned around and rode back to the dirt road and took a short ride on the road. We both decided that we should have taken a rest day today.

The ride back down the canyon was beautiful. I would never get tired of this landscape. We stopped for a moment to take a photo of the Barker Dam and reservoir. Unlike the Boulder reservoir this one does not allow boating, swimming or fishing.

Our next stop on our way down Boulder Canyon was at Boulder Falls. We hiked up along the creek to see the falls.


We came back to Kathy's house for lunch. Germaine went to have ice cream with her in-laws, Eileen is with her friend that lives near here. Patti Ellen is repainting a wall art piece for Kathy and I spent the afternoon reading my book. I guess I really needed a day off.

Patti Ellen finished the painting and R hung it on the wall outside.

We had a feast of home made pizza and salad with 10 people around the table-- Brenda and Roman from Alabama, and Germaine and Ty.

Our gracious hosts R and Kathy, Eileen (right) and her friend Anna, Patti Ellen (shown above with her artwork) and me.

After dinner R built a fire in a cage and we sat around the fire and sang songs while Eileen played the guitar and R played the harmonica.

Thursday, August 16, 2018

August 16, 2018. In Colorado.

We left Vail around 8 AM, because there was a bike race starting at 9 and a lot of roads were going to be closed--we wanted to get out of town before we were locked in.  We all drove up to Vail Pass in 2 vehicles, and Kathy drove Germaine's truck down to Frisco while Germaine and I biked it.


It was a wild ride!

As we neared Copper Mountain we saw a few people on the trail. It's nice to get out early before it becomes congested.

We stopped at Copper Mountain for a few minutes. My daughter Alison worked here when she was in college. She loved it, and I see why!

We rode out of copper on the Ten Mile Creek path, which was quite busy. It was still mostly downhill. The photos of us in the aspens were taken at the Frisco Trailhead, where Kathy had left the truck for us.

Kathy, Eileen and Patti Ellen were still in Frisco when we arrived. Germaine and I had breakfast at a busy little cafe and then did a little shopping. It's a great little town--I could have easily spent the day here.


We left Frisco and headed down to Clear Creek Canyon. We'd planned on riding up the canyon and then back  down, but the road was closed, so we parked the truck at Tunnel 5 and rode the Clear Creek Canyon bike path down the canyon until the trail ended. Of course then we had to ride back up! The trail was only 4 miles end-to-end but it was glorious!

About a mile and a half down the canyon we found out why the road was closed--a truck had overturned and dumped its load of rocks. Ranger Mark held us back until it was safe to continue on the path. The road had reopened by then.



Of course Germaine took the photos with me in them! When we finished the trail we headed back to Kathy's. Some friends of theirs are here from Alabama for a couple of days, so I am moving into the house and the Alabamans are sleeping in the garden house.