Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Map and Itinerary

Here is the itinerary and map for the coast to coast ride. That way if you are along the route, you'll know when I'll be coming your way. I emailed my childhood best friend, who now lives in Missouri. Unfortunately her farm is a 3 hour drive from the closest point on the bike route. I'm hoping she'll bite the bullet and come and see me anyway.

I started training this week, since we had a minor heat wave in the Detroit area. I rode my mountain bike 13 miles on Sunday--45 degrees and windy. Today it was 52 and rainy, and I rode 18 miles. I was awfully cold and wet, but it's more fun than riding stationary... Snow is predicted for Thursday, so it might be a while before I can ride outside again. Now I am heading downstairs to show my grandson how to change a bike tire (since I want to put an old tire on the back of my road bike while it is on the trainer--I'd hate to wear out a good tire while going nowhere!).


Teresa said...


Your my hero, my inspiration! I want to be just like you when I retire! Love, Teresa Zochowski Jacobson your biggest fan!

Aunt Rita says "Hello, I'm so proud of you!"

Be safe!

will_it3 said...

Yahoo, you're really doing it!
Go get em Sis.

NeHi said...

Exciting adventure! I know you'll give it your all.


Bill said...

Wow - sounds like quite the adventure!
Hope all goes well with your training and tour.
Bill Schott
Still hanging in there are DTE...

dino said...

Linda, I always knew you had guts!
There is a destiny that makes us
None goes his way alone
all that we send into the lives of
Comes back into our own.
...Can't wait to hear the stories of the people you will meet

Dean & Irene

The Husband said...

I will look for a cooking instructor to help me make it through while you are gone.

Anonymous said...

I think I am the first "outsider" to make a comment... Found your blog from a Google Alert I had set for "Adventure Cycling."

Go get em! I am turning 50 next year and would like to do the whole country...and I had my eye on Crossroads. I think I will settle for the RAGBRAI instead.

Your route takes you through Champaign, Illinois, about two hours from home, so I will wave in your direction on the appropriate day!

Suggest "Meals on Wheels" for your husband. Or maybe a book of McDonald gift certificates?