Saturday, January 19, 2008

Time to train

There is a recommended training schedule for the coast to coast ride. I don't need to start it until next month, but since I will be out of town with no bike for a week in March, I decided to start early... I began last week (a good thing) but it took more than a week to complete the first week's training (a bad thing) first week: 101 miles. Most of that was done indoors on my trainer. This morning it was too cold to run (my usual Saturday morning activity) so I rode 2.5 hours on the trainer, calling that my scheduled 45 mile ride. Daughter Erika came over and rode with me for a while and we watched an old movie on VHS--lucky for me Luke left a little TV with built-in VCR in the basement when he left... Now I can watch all the movies I always meant to watch while I get in thousands of "miles" on my bike. Anyone who knows me knows I can hardly sit still long enough to watch a movie at home... but this is not really sitting still!

I received one of the new saddles I ordered and put it on the trainer bike--not as comfortable as the old one, but I'll give it another try before I send it back. Thanks to my work group who gave me a very generous gift certificate to Performance Bicycle as a going away present! I am also going to order a new set of aero bars--the ones I have are not adjustable and I feel as if I am reaching out too far. I would welcome advice on aero bars on road bikes...

I appreciate all the comments and encouragement from friends, relatives, and people I don't even know! I am going to get weary of riding indoors.... I already know that. I called a friend who is teaching spinning class at a local facility--I could do some of my shorter rides that way--more intense than what I do on my own.... I use a heart rate monitor, but I tend to not push myself really hard on the trainer--need to simulate those mountains, and spinning class might be good for that.

Ride on!


historicstitcher said...

It was fun!

And I'm looking forward to catching up on all those old movies with you, too!

I wonder if I can hook up the old DVD player in the garage to the TV/VCR...that would expand our movie choices, yes?


alicat said...

what are you doing with your old aerobars? ;-)