Thursday, May 22, 2008


So here I am in Albuquerque, but I did not pedal the way in. This morning it was 38 degrees when we got on the bikes, and that's OK.... We got on route 117 south, and the cross wind hit us, and that's OK... about 4 miles into the ride little ice balls started hitting me in the face and right leg, and it wasn't OK. I rode to the gas station at 5.6 miles into the ride, and almost hit a barrel coming into the parking lot because my hands were so numb I could not brake properly... not OK. I warmed up in the store, but as soon as I stepped outside I was freezing again, still wet, and we could see more rain (or something ominous) on the horizon, so I did it: I sagged into the hotel.

I thought about riding again from the first rest stop at 30 miles; it had warmed up to 45 degrees by then, but as soon as I got out of the van I started shivering again, so I gave it up for the day. Perhaps the altitude is playing a part in this, but I feel pretty lousy. Not just about sagging! My lungs feel fluttery, and I'm coughing some... I guess an extra rest day won't kill me, but I am surely disappointed. I guess I should have packed cold weather biking clothes... who could know???

Tomorrow it's on to Santa Fe.


historicstitcher said...

Oh, Mom - that's rough!

Hang in there, lay low, and don't get sick!!!

You're still awesome!

The Husband said...


The Husband said...

It is difficult here without you. I miss your advice. 143

Marie Swan said...

Linda, 38 degrees and hail are a very good reason to sag in. When you continue to shiver and you're still wet it's a recipe for hypothermia. Lose one day not several! Who da thunk that New Mexico would have lousier weather than Michigan? Really enjoying your blog. Keep on talking to us vicarious bikers. : )

kaz said...

you will have your bad days... take the rough with the smooth. you just enjoy it and keep up the GREAt work. i am still enjoying your blogs. karen(georges daughter)