Friday, May 16, 2008

another one down...

We found out this morning that two more people had to leave the tour. Stella has been to the hospital a couple of times for dehydration and electrolyte imbalance; it seems she can't keep her sodium and sugar levels up to par... they sent her back after treatment the first time, and admitted her to the hospital last night. So Stella and Dave are on their way back to MD. We will surely miss them, as they are a lot of fun. She wins the prize for best smile on this tour!

Fortunately Noreen is OK to go on, but will need a couple of days rest. She broke her helmet in the fall, but no concussion. Her hip will take some time to heal.... but she is one tough woman and is ready to go on! I think she already went to the bike store on the way back from the hospital and got a new helmet.

We have a late start this AM (9:15) as it is cooler up here in the highlands. I am going to go to the drugstore and get something for my fat lip--I think it's from overexposure to the sun in the desert. Always something... as I said, not for sissies.

We are so looking forward to the rest day Sunday!


historicstitcher said...

You guys are all awesome. I don't think I could have kept it up as long as the ones who went home, even! It takes a lot of courage and guts and legs to get up those mountains. I remember well!!!

There is a container of Endurolyte waiting for you, as a "special order" at Absolute Bikes, 18 N San Francisco St. It's on the next main street over from your hotel, a little over a mile away. They're open Sunday, too.

I'll get your package out tomorrow, for Monday delivery at the next stop.

Hang in there! The first day out of Flagstaff will be all DOWNHILL!!!!!!

Carol W. said...

Wow! What a story to tell. I'm enjoying the armchair ride.

My grandbaby girl was born Wednesday, May 7th. She has a head of hair and tiny little lips. What an angel. Mom is doing ok. Slight problem with eclampsia and needs bp meds now. I'm sure it's just temporary.

Wish I could join you out West.
More later,
Carol Wyson

historicstitcher said...

by the way, need to lock your keyboard while riding! I got to be a fly on your back for about 5 minutes of recorded conversation on my voicemail!

And the grass is not going to be longer than usual! I'm taking fine care of both of our yards!

Anonymous said...

This trip sounds like the ride of a lifetime. I am enjoying your story and look forward to hear about the next grueling adventure.
You cannot believe how much I admire your endurance and determination.