Sunday, May 11, 2008

day one

Our day started with breakfast in LA at 5:30... we loaded the luggage and lined up on our bikes for a 5 mile ride to Manhattan Beach Pier, where we took group photos and completed the ceremonial dip of the wheel into the Pacific Ocean. I have a photo but it is on the disposable camera, so I will post it after I finish the camera and get it developed. Should have thought ahead to take the photo with the phone! Too much technology...

The morning was gentle terrain, but lots of traffic. I stopped for lunch in Anaheim with Noreen from Ontario, Janie from New Jersey, Bob from Iowa and Scott from the east coast (forgot where). By the time we stopped for lunch we could see the mountainous terrain in our future, but could do nothing about it! After lunch we were the last group out there as we headed into the climb, since everyone else skipped lundh! Can you imagine!!!?? (If anyone can tell me how to rotate the photo, email me and I'll do it).

We climbed somewhere around 4,000 feet in the 20 miles from lunch to the sag stop, and I seriously bonked. I ate and drank and people poured water on my head and I continued on... I had to stop twice more to recover, and my riding buddies stayed with me to the bitter end. 80 miles total for the first day, serious climb in the middle... serious bonk. Averaged 13.7 MPH for the day's ride. Meeting for tomorrow coming up in 10 minutes.... Are we having fun yet? (yes). We are in Riverside, CA, sunny, windy, and hot!

Tomorrow I vow I will eat more and better, to try to avoid that evil bonk.

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historicstitcher said...

Happy Mother's Day?

Mine was. Missed you, though.