Monday, May 19, 2008

Flagstaff to Holbrook AZ, 94 miles

This should have been a great day, and it sure started out that way. We left Flagstaff at 7:30 AM with a nice tailwind behind us. I rolled into the first sag stop (41.7 miles) in 2 hours flat! Refueled and hit the road again... We were on I-40 all day; I think it's the only road there is!

About 10 miles after the sag I had an asthma attack. I puffed my inhaler but did not wait for it to work--I was out in the sun, no shade anywhere, and it was already 90 degrees. I slowed a bit due to the breathing problems, and rolled into Winslow on Route 66 (at mile 60) and then drank some iced tea, sat in the shade for awhile and tried to recover, as the temperature continued to rise... (it was 96 when I got to the hotel).

After Winslow we got back on I-40 headed for Holbrook. I stopped a couple of extra times to recover breathing. Laura S stayed back and rode with me--everyone else left me in the red dust because I was so slow! Before the second sag I had a flat tire--my breathing was still labored and Laura said she wanted to practice changing tires (!) so she did 99% of the work. I found out the hard way that I don't know how to work my new air/CO2 pump!

Rolled into the Jackrabbit sag, no real food available, just "unreal" food like bars and gels, so I fueled up and Laura and I resumed riding--just 18 miles to go! I had to stop several times in that 18 miles and she did not abandon me. By the end it was me, Laura, and Rick and Pat who were sweeping the route. They all stopped with me and waited for me to quit coughing, poured cold water on my head, fed me, and encourged me to the end. So I am still in the elite EFI (every FABULOUS inch) group, but just barely. The tailwind saved my butt today!

I stumbled into the hotel, got my room key and got into the shower right away, still breathing wrong... By the time I came out of the shower, Peggy was pounding on the door. I let her in and she fed me some really great recovery drink, made me eat a protein bar and even washed my smelly bike clothes for me!

So I got by today, with a little help from my friends. We are becoming like a little family out here, watching out for each other.

Note to Christy--you could not have picked a better day to send a care package! After the recovery drink I laid in bed eating the trail mix! This was even before I had the energy to get dressed for dinner! Thank you!


kaz said...

chin up. sure after a good sleep you will feel diferent again. your doing really well. keep up the good work
karen xx
(george garners daughter the 72 year old from england)

historicstitcher said...

I'm so pumped that you're in the EFI group! What an accomplishment!!!

Look back at those mountains and tell me you're not one awesome Mom!

kat said...

Lin! You are soooooooooooooooo awesome! You never, ever give up!
You belong in the EFI Group! Kepp riding girl! We are all cheering for you! Love YOU!