Friday, May 30, 2008

Liberal to Dodge City, KS: 83 miles

Another day of extremes... I wonder if we'll ever have a day that we can get bored?

When we got up at 6 AM, the wind was from the SW, with a prediction to swing around and come from the NE by mid morning. But by the time we got out on our bikes at 7:15, it was already gusting from the NE, and guess which direction we were headed???? NE of course! It was a wicked windy day... Kansas is rather flat, some long rolling hills, but not much in the way of elevation change. We had to granny up the rises though, because of the strong headwind. And we had to pedal down the very gradual descents, again because of the wind.

Warren and Mary Ann and I rode together and took turns pulling in the morning, but poor Warren had the lead all afternoon, as Mary Ann and I were still suffering somewhat from the food poisoning episode... today we saw the Cimarron River, which was pretty low, not much water in it at all.. and we saw a minor stampede, about 30 head of cattle led by a big bull with long horns. Fortunately they were on one side of the fence and we were on the other!

Got into the hotel at 4:08 and found a package from Christy! Thank you! Sweet and Salty is my favorite trail mix!

This hotel computer won't recognize my camera so I still can't show the photos from yesterday... maybe tomorrow.

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