Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Oh, by the way...

Things I forgot to mention when I was on a real computer:

We are above 6500 feet in altitude, which is probably contributing to my asthma problem... Tomorrow we cross the continental divide.

We have some new riders this week--Bill W, Phil, and Linda 2. Linda 2 is younger than Linda 1 (me), but I did not like the idea of being called old Linda and new Linda... Too bad they missed all the fun last week.

Note to Gerry--Damien was happy to hear from you!

Note to Karen--I told your dad to get a new seat for his bike! Thank you for the encouragement from afar.


kaz said...

really enjoying following you.
keep those legs peddling your doing fantastic

Marie Swan said...

Did you really post this at 1:01AM? All the work you are doing I would think you'd be dead to the world by 9 at night! I love your logs; they are so informative. Glad to hear that you are part of the EFI group. I know I would want to be! 6500 ft ! I imagine that would affect your breathing. Take some pictures at the divide.

Anonymous said...

Its quiet around here. I did not realize how much noise you make when you are home. Replace mailbox,feed fish,care for the cats, laundry,and work alot is my lot in life. Where is the on switch for the vacuum cleaner? Miss you!
The Husband

historicstitcher said...

Lin1 and Lin2?

Is that anything like the Cat in the Hat's ThingOne and ThingTwo??

What kind of trouble are you two going to make?

Marie Swan said...

I agree with Linda that Old Linda and Young Linda just won't do. ( I told my dad a couple years ago that he has to stop introducing me as his oldest daughter) Neither will Old Linda and New Linda. What is your middle name? Maybe you can be Linda Lou and she can be Linda Sue? : )