Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Photo of the day at the hospital

Doc says it's food poisoning. 14 sick cyclists. Still no locusts or tornadoes, but the tour is not over yet. B--i'll call you when i'm released. I'll post more laterfrom motel computer.


Anonymous said...

I hope you are feeling better soon. Do you ever have a day that you wish you hadn't gone?
Hope all the ill cyclists are back up and riding tomorrow.

marj said...

So sorry to hear you are sick hope you are well soon and so is every one else is, now waiting nervously to see if george is ok.... his wife Marj

Anonymous said...

Beverly's brother Bob sent me the link to your Blog. Great story thus far. Sorry you got sick. Hope it's just a 24 hour thing.

Tell Beverly I said hello.

Rich (Bevy's cousin)

historicstitcher said...

Holy Cow!

Everything is an adventure, isn't it?

Hang in there - we're all rooting for you to finish


The Husband said...

Get better, get back on the bike. Live/ride your dream. Come home to me with your bike or on it. 143

Marie Swan said...

Oh Linda! To be felled by food poisoning of all things. Did you all overwhelm the hospital in a small town? I cannot even imagine the "tummy flu" while on the road. You are such a trooper! I cannot wait to read about your latest adventures. I hope you are feeling much better very quickly. Take care, Marie

Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading your adventures every day. Sorry for this bump in the road hope you feel better. I am rooting for you