Sunday, May 25, 2008

Photo of the day

Not much of interest today but a wonderful rolling hills ride with perfect weather. We came down out of the mountains into the foothills.


noahsatticantiques said...

Hi Linda,
Found your link when I typed in "antique knitting pins". I picked up a box at a garage sale and your article was a pleasure to read. I picked them up for the tiny crochet hooks to put with my mom's collection of crochet books...Thanks, God bless, Betty Davis

The Husband said...

Cats and fish fed, boats in the water, arm sore. Miss you 143

The Husband said...

Hi Grandma,
It turned out that I didn't
raise the mast but I did drive today. I really miss you very much.

Anonymous said...

Did the ride in 03. You guys had a tougher start than we did. Having a good time reliving thru you.
Ride safe--Bob B

The Husband said...

The runner water stop went well. Chris and Ann were there to pass out water. Chris said she would have done the ride again. But she would have done it your way. Gave the blog address. ats fine(miss you) fish are still alive.

Anonymous said...

Something is wrong with me or my computer. I will try again or call Bill. Love to read your daily news.