Sunday, May 18, 2008

Rest day at Flagstaff, AZ

My riding pals and I talked for days about going to the Grand Canyon on our rest day here, and then last night I found out we were not going after all! I was so disappointed! It turns out that two of them decided to go to the tattoo parlor to memorialize this trip in ink and the other heard that Sunday traffic to the Grand Canyon was brutal and did not want to spend the off day in the car stuck in traffic.

Then this morning at breakfast I found out that Stella and Dave (who had to leave the tour early due to illness) were here at the hotel, and driving up to the Grand Canyon, and willing to take passengers. Yay! Mary Ann and I were on our way to do laundry at the time and she graciously offered to wash my smelly bike clothes so I could go with Stella and Dave.

We had a wonderful day. There was very light traffic there and back, and we walked along the south rim for a while and then hiked down in the canyon a little way. That is, I hiked down a little way and they hiked down 1,140 feet! I really wanted to go further but wanted also to save my legs for tomorrow's 94 mile ride. It was such a sight to behold! I took some photos knowing fully well that they will not do justice to the vastness and beauty of the canyon. We had a nice lunch and pie on the way back to the hotel. I would like to come back and spend a week there some other year.

Tomorrow it's on to Holbrook. Quote of the day from yesterday, from George G.: "This ride is great but it's a bit hard on the bum". Amen.

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kaz said...

bit hard on the bum... hahahaha thats my dad... never he aint got no bum
tell him not to go spending his money on tattoos. when he knows i will do it when he gets back
kaz xx