Sunday, June 1, 2008

June 1 Great Bend to McPherson, KS: 63 miles

It was really 67 miles, because my pace line and I detoured to have lunch at a really nice little cafe in Little River. Everything was home cooked, even real potatoes and peach cobbler. Needless to say, we were a little slow after that!

We had a quartering headwind today, all day. We felt lucky though, because the severe thunderstorms that were predicted never materialized. We were on the same road all day, US Hwy. 56. It was a good road with a good shoulder, unlike the nasty stone chip we rode on at the end of yesterday's ride.

About 5 miles out of town I picked up Ken, Bill, and Meredith and we pulled each other along in half mile turns. It made the day go by easily, or at least as easily as possible in the wind. 87 degrees and party cloudy here.

The sign on George's bike reads: Bike for Sail. 50 Bucks. Apply within. Sorry the photo was not more clear. Unfortunately for George, he missed a turn on the way in yesterday, so after riding all day in the wind he rode an extra 10 miles! All because he didn't know what order the US presidents were in office (the streets were named after presidents and were in order--those of us who had American History had no problem knowing when Madison street would come up!)

Note to the bakery boys: Thanks for the lesson in pace line riding! In the photo we lined up and posed because we knew Barbara was taking it, but we were on each others left quarter all day because the wind was quartering front and right. Tracy thought it would be a better picture if we lined up like this! It was just coincidence that we all wore our CrossRoads jerseys today.

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Pace line riding -- the best picture yet.