Friday, June 20, 2008

June 20 Erie, PA to Hamburg, NY: 78 miles

It was a beautiful day for cycling! Started out a bit chilly, 61 degrees, but warmed up nicely to 68, with favorable winds. I rode with Randy and Iowa Bob in the morning, and we left Erie about 7 AM. We had a rider down at around 12 miles into the ride--the roads were pretty rough, and apparently her front wheel got caught in a groove between the road and the paved shoulder. I heard she is going to be OK, and will be back on her bike tomorrow. She got checked out at the hospital because she cracked her helmet.

We crossed into NY at 19 miles into the ride. All of a sudden the roads were much better. As we rode along the western shore of Lake Erie we could see the lake off to our left, very nice. Much calmer than it was yesterday at the beach! We passed through many small towns and villages along the route. There were lots of vineyards, but we did not stop at them. I would love to buy some local wines; it is something I do frequently on vacations. But it is not convenient on a bike trip!

We had one sag stop today at 42 miles into the ride. We heard there that people had had a lot of flat tires in the early miles of the ride. Carol had 3 by then, and Barbara had 2 (and another one near the end of the ride!). Several other people did too--total around 12 for the day I think. Not me this time... I changed my back tire yesterday because it was all chewed up and looked like it was on borrowed time. That's no guarantee against flats though. Randy had his 18th flat tire on this trip today. And he put 2 new tires on just last week!

There were restaurants at mile 58. I was riding with Meredith by then, and we stopped at the first one we saw. After we ordered our lunch we found out that the place across the street had homemade pie, and Ken was there by then (the real pie man). Mike and John and Brendan arrived and we ate our sandwiches and then went across the street. Got another table and ordered pastries and coffee and tea. The eclair that John and I ordered to split between us was as big as a dinner plate! I could not eat all of my half!

It was a fast and easy 20 miles to the end of the ride after the pastries. It seems strange to consider 78 miles a short day, but there it is.

I had a request to put links to other people's blogs on this trip so here they are. Have fun! I don't have time to look at them when on hotel computers, but will check them out when I get home. Iowa Bob:
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