Saturday, June 21, 2008

June 21 Hamburg to Canandaigua, NY: 94 miles

It was another lovely cycling day, for most of the day anyway... we started out on rolling hills in 55 degree weather. It warmed up quickly and the terrain was gently rolling. By the time we got to the first sag (at 31 miles) the terrain had changed. We had a lot of hills, not knobby like in Ohio and Missouri... these were more "normal" hills. When we got to the top we could shift up because the hills leveled off on top. That's a lot easier to take than the knobs...

The second sag was at the fire station in Avon. Beverly had warned us that there was a steep hill right before the sag and she didn't lie! It was granny gear all the way up, and not just for me! After the sag I stopped for lunch with Mike, Jim and Carol, Peggy, and Boston Bob, and Bill F and Beverly showed up before we were done. We stopped at a little 50's style diner which was quite cool (Beverly's recommendation).

About 8 miles after the lunch stop we could tell the storm was imminent. Sky got dark, thunder got closer, raindrops started... I pulled into a gas station (where the photo of the day was taken). Jim and Carol and Peggy and John were not far behind, and we stayed there until the downpour was over. Mike and Bill F and Beverly went by in the pouring rain, but they were already soaked so I guess they thought they had nothing to lose!

The hills got steeper after the rain! No kidding! But there was a 1 1/2 mile coast down into Canandaigua, which made everything OK. Shortly after we got to the hotel, another storm rolled through, more violent than the last. Our rooms were not ready, so we hung around in our stinky wet bike clothes for a while... I changed my front tire, since I had noticed earlier that it had some cuts in it.

Time to go eat. Photo above: Notice the lovely shoulder on the road we were on today!

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