Thursday, June 26, 2008

June 26 Brattleboro, VT to Burlington, MA: 87 miles

Well I guess it had to happen... the wonderful weather and the peaceful scenic routes of the past several days had to end sometime. And they did. We knew the rain would catch us today, and it did.

We started out on a cool morning in Vermont, rode back down to town and were in New Hampshire in a matter of minutes. I clomped through knee deep poison ivy on my way to the Welcome to NH sign. Someone pointed it out to me (and I am usually so careful about it) and I stepped away. Hopefully it did not get me... I had on tights due to the chilly temperature, so I very carefully took them off at the first sag (didn't touch them) and put them in a plastic bag to deal with later.
We had a beautiful route in New Hampshire, passing through little towns along the way, and riding alongside a river that had some small falls where mills used to be run on water power. We crossed a covered bridge and got off the highway for a while and that was great. The hills were brutal, as we were warned they would be. Much steeper than the ones in Vermont! 5,600 feet of climbing today and we felt every one!
The first sag was at mile 35 and by then we were soaked. A lot of folks were putting their bikes in the back of the truck and taking a bump to the next sag, but not me and George! We were dripping wet and carried on. I left my soaking wet poison-ivied socks in the van to deal with later. George got a little ahead of me at the Massachusetts state line (mile 42), so Ron took the photo above. It was pouring! ( George was waiting for me at the next hill).
The second sag was at mile 60 and it was still raining. I signed into the sag at 12:25 and called the husband, who was already waiting for me here in Burlington. George and I kept on after the second sag and eventually the rain stopped. Then the traffic began! I suppose we should have expected it this close to Boston, but it was terrible. And everyone I have talked to took the same wrong turn just before the hotel. The street sign said Wheeler Rd. and we were supposed to turn on Wheeler Rd., but when we turned we were on a freeway ramp! George and I stopped and fought yelling drivers to get back up on the street, and I could see other cyclists making the same mistake, and I yelled at them to turn around. It was hectic and scary and a wonder no one got hurt!
But we got here safely. The husband was standing in the parking lot talking with Randy's friend, and he helped me with my bike and took the photo of me with the map.
Life is good! Just 18 miles to the beach in the AM and then it's over. What a bittersweet moment that will be.


Anonymous said...

3 dats and counting-------


Anonymous said...

Hi Linda,

What a wonderful journey! Wish today would have been better for you (dry and sunny), but at least you had a string of nice days. I can't believe it's almost over either. It seems like yesterday that you had your bon voyage party. I will be leaving for Orgeon on Sunday so I'll e-mail when I get back. Enjoy your dip in the Atlantic! I am SO proud of you - you energetic '66 gal! Chris

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Anonymous said...

Hi, George G. rang me tonight, unfortunately I was out at a club meeting, my wife Margaret took the call, Geoge tells her that the ride is now completed, and that you are all having an end of ride party. We do hope that you all have a wonderful time, you have certainly earned it. WOW you can really be proud of this magnificent achievement, so proud of you all. We are so going to miss your blogs, do you think that you could possibly do a lap of honour, that should take about another six weeks or so. you are a special kind of people, be proud and tell everyone that you meet what you have all done, I most certainly will. Love and regards from both of us.
Ray & Margaret Wilcox. England.

Anonymous said...

Hi Linda!

I'm a little late to the party, but
I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed meeting you while on GOBA.
I've had such fun telling people about the "Incredible Biking Adventure"!

I've loved reading your blog - thank you so much for taking the time to post updates, so I oould relive the tour vicariously. I have to say, your tour wins the award hands down for the *ahem* "challenges" that Mother Nature threw your way. Good gawd, we never had to deal with snow or sleet, much less food poisoning!

You did a great job - you are one strong woman!!! Congratulations and when you get home, SLEEP IN!

- Sue