Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Photo of the day

The Crossroads Restaurant is full of cold wet crossroads cyclists.12 at last count... Noone willing to give it up and sag.


Anonymous said...

My revised version;

Said good by to Linda and Scott.
Waited until all the bikers had left Wooster. Started home loverly weather, nice roads a little hilly (did not have to down shift at all) My first SAG was McD (inside plumming). Got to the E-way, lot of traffic and loads of 18 wheelers. Stopped for lunch, Bagle and creamed cheese. Back on the E-way. Over the state line, you know when you are in Mi, the roads go bump, bump, bump all the way home.
I remembereed at M-59 there is a D.G. so I had my 2nd SAG, Vanilla cone. Got home at 1:30 found the computer not being used so I thought I would thank you for a nice time. I enjoyed my self.

Did Achim and Alex get in all right? I hope they got their bike fixed and finisged the ride, Nice to fine good neighbors when you need them. Let us know.

Keep going you are doing great!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Linda

keep it up, it will get warmer soon.


Anonymous said...

Hi Linda !!!!!! We have enjoyed your trip!!! Thanks for all the photos and posts! You not only are a supreme athlete, you write very interesting updates! You are sure going to miss your buddies but we will be glad to get you back! Especially your hubby! xoxoxoxo Kat and Aunt RoseMary