Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Photos from June 22 and 23

First photo: Barbara and I gave ourselves pedicures in our room (thanks for the foot care package Christy). Notice the fancy foot tubs.
Second photo: Achim and Alex, the father and son team from Germany, me in the middle, at Achim's birthday party.
Third photo: A bunch of us at the Catholic Charities sag 6/23.
Fourth photo: lunch. From left: John, Meredith, Mike, Carol, Jim, Ken, Bill, Peggy, George, me, Brendan.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, we Brits did`nt move very far west, you soon sent us packing off eastward, however I hope that you all realize that after all this time we are now the 51st State, can`t think of a better position to be in..... Thank you Linda, if I may call you Linda, for all the wonderful reports that you have posted over the last few weeks, the ride will soon be concluded and we shall miss your daily reports, God bless you all and safe riding.
Ray & Margaret Wilcox, England.