Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Rest day #4, June 11

It's even hard for me to believe it, but I actually rested on the rest day! Bill and I had breakfast, rested, had a massage, ate lunch, rested, sat in the whirlpool, rested, iced my leg, and we are now getting ready to go to dinner! This is really what rest days are supposed to be like!
We saw a few other bikers, went to the store for a few things we needed, but NO hiking, or serious shopping, or museums like I experienced on my previous rest days!
Got an email back from the sports ortho doc to whom I mailed the photo of my leg yesterday. He said I am doing the right thing considering where I am... he said keep icing it, stretch it (but not too far) and take the medicine he prescribed for me for my (other) damaged knee before I left. I can live with that! Life is good!
But I'll probably pedal one-legged tomorrow anyway to give it another day. It is indeed much better after the massage, soak, ice and rest. The bruising has greatly diminished too.
Note to Chris S: Thank you for the banana bread. It is perfect... we are eating bananas every day for the potassium, and this will be a fun way to do it! I appreciate the support.


Anonymous said...

Keep up the great work Linda...... kinda sucks when we realize we aren't invinsible. Keep resting and taking care of the "good leg".
Sounds like your ride is a humbling experience.

Anonymous said...

You are most welcome. It's the least I can do from the comfort of my home! So glad you had a wonderful rest day with Bill. Hopefully the balance of the trip will have good weather and no injuries. Looking forward to seeing you again in Michigan! Chris

Abby Meyers said...

Hi Linda!
I am glad to hear that the massage helped your hamstring. I hope that it continues to recover. Thanks for sharing your blog site with me. I am excited for you and your trip. It is really an amazing accomplishment. God Bless!
Abby (Massage Therapist at Mettler)