Saturday, June 7, 2008

Scenes from Missouri

The road spread out before us like ribbon candy...
Some folks from the Maysville Historical Society--they gave us a warm welcome with food.
Dysfunction Junction--a little Missouri Humor?
The little restaurant where we stopped yesterday.
Missouri farmland in a flat spot (that was rare!).

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Anonymous said...

I'm just wondering if you are the one that I talked to...I saw your group cycling past my house on Hwy 11 right before the end of your trip to Kirksville, MO. I asked what ride you were on and you pulled over to tell me (am my family) that you were riding LA to Boston. We were all very impressed and are now following your progress. Keep going!
Anyway, I didn't get your name so I'm not sure if this is you or one of the other women in the group. I offered you a glass of water...
Well, either way we're rooting for you all.
Anis (