Monday, August 4, 2008

Great River Rumble July 30: Alma to Merrick State Park WI 13 miles

This was a beautiful ride! We still see bald eagles all over the place... 12 miles on the great Mississippi and one mile on the cut into the park. No development along the riverside--a local guy told me that the rivers were protected since the 60s when Lady Bird Johnson visited Wisconsin and designated the rivers as protected. Not sure if that's true, but it sure is beautiful paddling down a river with only trees and sand on the shore. Lots of islands too!

We had a break in the middle of the day on a deserted island (actually they're all deserted--no structures allowed). At the break, a woman was trying to get out of her kayak and tipped over... I tried to help her and managed to dump her the rest of the way over. In the interest of helping her recover, I used the super water gun to pump out her boat and discharged it at Fred. I caught him off guard (for a change). There are a lot of water fights out here, necessary in these 90+ degree days.

Bill did not paddle today, but drove for the road crew (they came around in the morning begging for drivers). When I got to Merrick State Park, Bill had the tent set up, and the clothesline strung. We had a prime spot, with room enough for the 3 tents. I walked a mile to the showers, and on my way back met Bill and Fred doing the same. Otis washed off in the murky waters of the slough... evening meal was catered in, complete with dessert. This was the best place so far.

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