Thursday, September 25, 2008

Day 2, Spetember 20. 61 miles from Ohiopyle, PA to Frostburg, MD

We met for breakfast at a little general store and restaurant in Ohiopyle. Barbara was still riding Otis about the lipstick missing from her purse... we had a good breakfast, always important on a bike ride, and Otis and Barbara traded checks on a bet. Otis lost bigtime on this one! He ended up paying for her $8 breakfast, while she paid $4.50 for his! After breakfast, Otis walked back to last night's restaurant to look for the missing lipstick, and came back with a tube of lipstick. But it was not the one Barbara had lost! He met an Avon lady along the way and she gave him a free sample for Barbara--what are the odds of finding an Avon lady on the street at 7:30 in the morning, in a very small place like that???!!! It was a very nice color--Charlie took the photo of the 4 of us modeling it! Of course, Barbara found her original lost tube later on.

The first 45 miles of our trip was much like yesterday's ride, a slight uphill grade on nicely groomed gravel trail, with the river within view. We had our first tunnel, and a very long bridge over river, valley and freeway. We could see windmills both left and right of the trail, and stopped for a photo opportunity.

Charlie had a low tire in the morning, but once it was aired up on the trail he made it to the lunch stop before changing it. We met Doris for lunch in Meyersburg, a very nice little town. The mural was on the road on which we coasted down into town. Of course we had to climb back out to get back on the trail, but it was worth it!

At about mile 45 into the day we crossed the eastern continental divide, and our gradual uphill ride became downhill after that. We could definitely feel the difference even though the grade was only about 3% up or down. We crossed the Mason-Dixon line, entered Maryland, and took photos looking forward into Maryland and back into Pennsylvania.

It was a steep climb into Frostburg, with a gravel trail consisting of many switchbacks. When we got into town, Fred, Doris, Barbara and I rushed off to church without even changing our clothes. We came back to stay at Frostburg Inn, a small place attached to a busy bar... we were less than thrilled with the accomodations, but had a very nice dinner at a greek restaurant in town. We planned to leave early the next morning, since it was the longest day. Of course there would be nothing open for breakfast before 7 AM, so we decided to hit the 7-11 next door for snacks and call it breakfast.

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