Thursday, June 25, 2009

June 25. Vassar to Marlette, 43 miles

We started out the day with a crisis! Ready to leave at 7:30 and Toby only had one glove! We looked all over the place and finally borrowed one from Lost and Found. While Toby and I were airing up our tires, Kat saw our bikes were gone, thought we already had left, and went on without us!

Today there was a break in the hot temperatures--it was only 85 degrees. We fought a strong headwind all day. Toby got a bit worn out mid day, and he "mentioned" that something seemed to be wrong with his brakes. Fortunately we were near the fruit stop and the nice man at bike maintenance adjusted his brakes, which were intermittently dragging on the rear wheel. Add that to a miserable headwind and some hills! That's enough to make anyone worn out!

At the last SAG Stop a little girl looked at Toby's hands and asked if he had lost a glove... she had found it on the ground at the school where we started! So Toby has his own 2 gloves back! Keys, gloves... we are so fortunate!

We stopped for ice cream on the way into Marlette--a nice treat on a hot day!

Today was dads' day--Toby's dad Frank came by, and just then we ran into Ian and Alex's dad Jim! Frank ate dinner with us and then went out to fly a kite with Toby. What a nice last night of the trip!

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