Wednesday, June 17, 2009

PALM here we come!

Toby and I put skinnier tires on his bike today, and his mom put a handlebar bag on for him. We lubed his chain. He took a spin around the yard to get used to the tires and we loaded both bikes in the truck for tomorrow, our last training ride before leaving Friday.

I am not yet packed, but will get there soon.... Erika helped me pack my little computer so it will fit in my bike bag, which should be safer than putting it in any piece of luggage!

This year's PALM (Pedal Across Lower Michigan) Ride starts at Whitehall, and ends at Lexington. The longest day is in the middle, 54 miles. We are all looking forward to the adventure and will tell all about it right here! Toby found out today that he already knows one kid who will be on the ride with us. Won't that be fun!!!???

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