Sunday, August 30, 2009

August 30. Still at Rogers City

We stayed the night in a warm dry room as the wind and rain kept on. Unfortunately, when we checked out at 10 AM it was still very windy, cold, and rainy. This is NOT what we expect in August!

We drove the rig to the parking lot at the harbor and parked tail to the wind, then began the procedure for raising the mast. It was already up when Bill's brother Mike arrived to pick up the truck and trailer, giving us an extra hand for putting Troika in the water and unloading the truck. Mike even donned one of our Tilley hats--doesn't he look like a sailor now? (he is a power boater in real life).

It all was quite uneventful, which was a blessing consindering the wind and rain... after launching and tying up at our dock we all went to lunch and then Mike went on his way. He offered to take the rig downstate to our house if he can figure out how to attach his motorcycle to the boat trailer. That would surely save me some time next week, when there is only a matter of days between getting home from this trip and leaving for West Virginia.

We stayed "in"on the boat all day Saturday, since the weather was so bad, and Surprise!! We all got along just fine. (That's not always true when 4 people are in such close quarters). We got a ride in a courtesy car to go to dinner, which was very nice (the dinner and the ride).

The wind howled all night, and it got down into the 40s, but we were cozy in our boat. This morning it was still a bit chilly, but the rain has stopped. After walking to breakfast we finished rigging the boat and arranged for another day here. The wind is still pretty strong but is supposed to be milder by tomorrow, so we plan to leave out in the morning.

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