Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Jackson Hole in the morning

Due to the time change, Dianne and I were awake and ready to go at around 5:00 this morning... we took a walk around 6, looking for breakfast. Nothing was open yet, although there was a lot of traffic. We walked around until 6:30 when Bubba's opened. (We left Steve asleep in the outer room on a fold out couch/bed).

It was a bit nippy out! (39 degrees) I went out in a tee shirt, capris and sandals while Dianne was bundled up in long pants, shirt, sweatshirt, shoes and socks. She is just now thawing out (almost 8:00 and 44 degrees). Must be that thin Florida blood! What will we do when we get up in the higher altitudes? (maybe I should have brought real bike shoes instead of sandals!)

We are at 6,400 feet elevation and I was thrilled to not have a headache yesterday and this morning... it was a good idea to come early. Today we are going white water rafting on the Snake River and then attending a barbeque dinner. But first I have to put my bike together since we'll be gone all day tomorrow and plan to bike on Friday to Teton Village to further acclimate to the elevation (tram to 10,000 feet).

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