Monday, August 3, 2009

July 31: Guttenberg to Finley's Landing, IA. 19 miles

We walked to breakfast this morning, after being awakened by Gene Krupa's famous drum solo. This breakfast was the best organized breakfast so far--a buffet was set up with all kinds of breakfast entrees and fruit, juice and coffee. We ordered a bag lunch to go, since I threw away the rest of the sliced turkey and we need a break from peanut butter.
The photo at left was taken in Guttenberg on our way back from breakfast.

We got out on the river and found another fair day with a tail wind. This is the best weather! We stopped at a sandy beach and had the poison ivy discussion again--it has been rampant every place along the river and some folks still don't recognize it. I did my nature guide routine again and even took a photo.

There were a lot of pleasure boats out today, so we got rocked around a bit, but it was all fun. We stopped at Cassville, WI to eat our lunches. Women from town came out to meet us and said that if they'd known we were coming they would have provided lunch! I walked to town and got us some iced tea and we ate our sack lunches.

We had been warned ahead of time that there would be no services at Finley's Landing, so dinner was catered in and it was excellent. We had ribs for dinner, something I don't usually eat, but I did and they were great! We even had chocolate cream pie with meringue--my favorite!

We had a drink with John this evening. He and Bill had a long discussion about the relative merits of different classic sailboats...

I walked down to the beach after dinner. I had never been to Iowa before this, and did not know what to expect, but I certainly did not expect lovely sunsets on the water and sandy beaches! This was a perfect last night out.

The forecast for Saturday was dire--thunderstorms and high winds. We went to bed with everything tucked away expecting the worst.

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Bob Wemer said...


Did you notice that your photo of the Guttenberg signpost showed the distance to Hooker, OK? Brings back memories from our XC last year.

Iowa Bob