Saturday, August 8, 2009

Riding, Packing, and Blogging

I rode 53 miles yesterday with Otis and Tom. This was on the road bike, since I packed and sent the mountain bike to Wyoming already. I am running out of time! I am packing clothes today, a bag of bike clothes and a bag of off-the-bike clothes, which has to include duds for evenings in camp, hiking, white water rafting, and dinners in a resort town (during the 3 days of altitude acclimation--didn't think I would just sit around and breathe, did you?). After I'm all packed up, I am putting both bags into a larger wheeled bag, both to make it easier to navigate the airports and to prevent getting charged for additional bags. The tent, sleeping bag, ground cloth, ground pad and chair are in a second wheeled bag, which unfortunately weighs almost 40 pounds (empty bag weighs 9 1/2!). Again, this is for easy navigation. I have to check the airline website and make sure that is not too heavy... if so I am back to the tent and stuff in a long duffel bag--weighs nothing but has no wheels... They told us to pack for 30 to 90 degrees---not an easy feat.

Erika fixed the labels on my blog, so now it makes more sense--you can pick any trip from the sidebar list and easily go there. NOW I can post a link on the Rumble website... I like being organized...

I had lunch yesterday with all 3 of my sisters and daughter Alison and her little Adam.... Alison brought me a photo of my next grandchild in utero. And..... it is a little girl! So after lunch we did some power shopping! This little girl is now outfitted for her first year of life! (Of course I did the same thing for the boys when they were imminent).

My sister Rana brought a chocolate cake to the restaurant and we almost polished off the whole thing. My lunch consisted of a big salad, 2 pieces of cake, and way too much iced tea! Can I justify that with the earlier 53 mile bike ride? (hardly).

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