Tuesday, September 22, 2009

September 17: Beard to North Caldwell, WV. 35 miles.

Dianne and I were up early this morning, and got in a couple of games of Scrabble before Bill arose at 8. We ate breakfast, packed up the cabin and the bikes, and were out of the park just after 9 AM. We were on the trail by 10 AM, glad the rain was done. We found it quite muddy in spots, but passable at all times.

We met up with 3 women from Michigan today, and they knew we had been on the North Bend Trail earlier in the week--the maintenance guys in the truck had told them. Char, Sharon and Ruth were traveling with Flat Alice, and here they all are. It was fun running into them; this trail has been quite desolate. We had not seen another person until we met up with them, but there were plenty of other creatures--deer, turkeys, woodchucks, chipmunks and squirrels.

A bit later we met some local people from Anthony. They had just seen a bear on the trail and told us where to look for the "evidence" (bear scat). They also told us about a really great rail trail in Virginia--the Virginia Creeper. Maybe next year????

We met Bill at the lunch stop near Anthony, and ate most of the rest of the food. There was no bread (and no grocery store for miles and miles) so we rolled up the leftover lunchmeat and cheese, and ate apples dipped in peanut butter--who needs sandwiches?

The end of the trail was there all too soon. We took some photos and headed out for Lewisburg and ice cream. At Lewisburg, we stayed at the Church Street Bed and Breakfast, where Tom and Sheila made us feel right at home! After dinner out, we set up the Scrabble board and Sheila brought us a glass of wine and some cheese and crackers... not the usual B&B fare!

Morning dawned and we set out for home. The end of another wonderful bike adventure. What could be better than this?

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