Friday, September 4, 2009

September 4: Harbor Beach to Port Sanilac. 33 miles.

We started this day with a leisurely breakfast at a little place near the harbor, quite different from yesterday's very early morning leavetaking... We stopped and took a photo of Toby at the anchor outside a little museum on the way back from breakfast. We bought a loaf of bread and a 6-pack of bottled water and were on our way.
Bill steered us out past the Harbor Beach power plant, giving us fine views of the lighthouse and some fisherman on the way out.

Today was so calm that we did not even try to sail! Fortunately it was much shorter than yesterday... The wind never came up, so we never even removed the mainsail cover. That's the thing with planning a sailing vacation, or even in sailboat racing--you can't control the weather!
We spent some time cleaning up the boat, since we did not do that yesterday and the Harbor Beach marina is home to a large flock of Canada geese... need I say more?

When we arrived at Port Sanilac Bill called in on the radio for a boat slip... the harbormaster asked about the length and the beam of the boat... Bill had to repeat again that we were indeed 20 feet wide!

I walked half a mile to the library to try to post a blog, and found that they were ready to close. Neither the municipal wireless or the marina wireless both could download my photos... when I got back to the boat everyone was gone... I found them at the ice cream store, of course, should have looked there first!

Toby got a chance to play in the park with some other boys. He's been a real trooper on this trip--never a complaint about being cooped up in small quarters with mom, grandma and grandpa. I bought him a kid's cocktail at dinner and we played dots on the paper table cover. It was a fine end to the day. Our only regret is that we had to motor all day. I guess in the big picture that's not such a bad thing.

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