Monday, June 28, 2010

June 28, 2010: Rest day at Sandpoint, Idaho

This was a rest day, and we rested. Of course we were up at the crack of dawn, which in this northern location is very very early.... 5 AM. We had coffee in the room, since breakfast did not start until 6:00. We did our laundry, played some Scrabble, and walked to the store. Dianne sent out a couple of packages, including the broken Scrabble timer.

I went back to the Sports Plus bike shop, and did not get the same treatment as yesterday... I walked in with my shoe in hand--I could not get one allen bolt out of the old cleat, and had purchased new cleats for the shoes (sandals) yesterday. When I asked the guy in the shop (a differnt guy from yesterday) if they could take the bolt out, he told me it would cost me AT LEAST $10. I said, you're joking, right? and he assured me he was not. I picked up the shoe and walked out without a word. So there I was walking down the street with a shoe in my hand, and I happened to see a quick oil change place that was not busy at that moment.... I walked in and asked if they could help me, and the nice man got the bolt out in about 2 minutes. He would not even let me buy him a coke for his trouble!

My package caught up with me today. Michelle arrived before noon, and the bikers straggled in the rest of the morning and into the afternoon. She gave me my package (computer mouse, raingear, Scrabble timer, and surprise of dark chocolate and tea) and camera battery and charger and I tipped her with a bottle of wine. I think that was a good idea? It's hard to know what to do sometimes...

I had a massage appointment at 1:15 so I went out for lunch early (as tired as we get of eating all the time, we have to eat all the time). In the afternoon Dianne and I each bought a bottle of wine for the cooler, played some Scrabble in the park, and had dinner at Connie's, the outdoor cafe attached to this hotel. We thought about walking downtown to the City Beach, which is the place to be at sunset, but decided against it. It is a rest day and we needed to rest.... Besides, sunset happens at 10 PM here--much too late to be at the beach, walk back here, and be at breakfast at 6 AM preparing for a 98 mile ride tomorrow! But that's a story for another day.

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