Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Home at Last

We had a lovely farewell dinner at the Radisson, our ending hotel. We all cleaned up pretty well.... CJ and I sang our song, which the audience appreciated. Here it is, sung to the tune of "The Old Gray Mare".

25 cyclists left Anacortes, climbed mountain passes, got sore a$$es.
25 cyclists left Anacortes on a Woman Tour.

25 cyclists rode across Washington, faces to the morning sun, resting when the day is done.
25 cyclists rode across Washington on a Woman Tour.

25 cyclists crossed into Idaho, stayed a day then had to go, headed out for Fargo.
25 cyclists crossed into Idaho on a Woman Tour.

25 cyclists rode to Montana, drank margaritas, ate some bananas.
25 cyclists rode to Montana on a Woman Tour.

25 cyclists toured North Dakota; we drank our quota, of beer wine and soda.
25 cyclists toured North Dakota on a Woman Tour.

25 cyclists ain't what we used to be, we're stronger than we'll ever be, from mountains and prairie.
25 cyclists ain't what we used to be on a Woman Tour.

I guess you had to be there....

The flight from Fargo to Chicago was pretty painless. Dianne and I got in a few last games of Scrabble on the plane, and all the tiles were there when we counted them at the end. Grand total for the trip: 170 games. We played for a penny a point and Dianne owes me $33.71. She was supposed to buy me a dinner, but we could not find a restaurant that expensive in Fargo...
The plane was diverted due to thunderstorms, so I missed my flight to Detroit. They had already booked me on a flight at 7:40, which meant almost 7 hours in the airport. I asked to be put on standby on the 4:17 flight which was fully booked. Fortunately for me I was the first passenger on the standby list (and standing at the podium) and I got on the plane when someone who had checked in was not at the gate on time.

We sat on the runway for about an hour due to weather delays in Detroit, but finally took off. I heard later that O'Hare airport stopped all flights after we left, also due to weather. I am glad to be home!

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