Thursday, July 8, 2010

July 7, 2010: Chester to Havre, MT. 60 miles

This was a glorious day for cycling! We started out with a temperature near 60 degrees, and ended up in the 80s. Perfect.... This was one of those "short cue sheet" days. Turn left out of the motel on to Hwy 20. Ride 60 miles. Turn left into the motel. Just joking; every little town along the way was noted, all off route, usually just a sign with an arrow....
As we were leaving Chester we saw this used car lot that time forgot.
We all left around 8 AM after breakfasting at 7:30. Most of us were at the motel in Havre around noon, even after stopping for 2 sags and various photo opportunities along the way.

We thought "Hill County" was funny in this flat terrain, but as we got close to Havre there were indeed some hills, and we had a lovely coast down into town, keeping up with the vehicular traffic (speed limit 35).

Dianne and I took the motel shuttle to a restaurant on the other end of town for lunch, since I had been having breathing issues all day. We then walked the mile or so back here, stopping for ice cream, a bike tire, and a needle and thread. (so I spent $4 on a pack of needles and a spool of thread to repair my dollar store laundry bag). Photos below were taken in Havre, right in town.

Today is a rest day, and I intend to rest. Dianne went down to do our laundry around 6 AM, and I changed the tire I've been fretting about for weeks. It picked up a piece of metal the first week, and I've been picking stones out of the resulting divot almost every day... it was only a matter of time before something got in there deep enough to cause a flat. I figured it would happen on a rainy day going uphill.... may as well be proactive.

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