Monday, July 12, 2010

July 12, 2010: Wolf Point to Culbertson, MT. 57 miles

This was a late morning. Breakfast was at 8:00, and we were supposed to leave at 9:30, but CJ and I were the only ones there at 9:30 and I was changing a tire.... everyone else left early.
On the way out of Wolf Point we saw a wonderful field full of horses--we called it the horse nursery because there were many mares with their foals. We stayed there a while just watching them (and taking photos).

We rode on US 2 for the first 21 miles. We were last to arrive at the 20 mile sag (since everyone else had left early). While there I took a photo of the wind--we had a cross wind all day.

Also at the sag we met Claire and Kate, two sisters from Milwaukee who are riding self supported from Portland, OR back home to Milwaukee. They've been on the road a little over 3 weeks, averaging 60 miles a day. We shared our snacks and water with them, and then went on our way.

We went off US 2 on to Route 1 at the 22 mile point, and it was a super ride! The road was blacktopped and there was very little traffic. The terrain was rolling, and there were infinite shades of green stretching off into the distance. It's true what they say about Montana and its "Big Sky".

At 36 miles we were back on to US 2 for 3 miles, and we finally caught up with 4 other riders from our group. Then we were back on Route 1 again, where we saw these cool rock formations. CJ thought they were hoodoos (great Scrabble word).

At 51 miles into the ride we got back on US 2, and left the Fort Peck Indian reservation which we had been on for the last 80 miles. We climbed some long hills, and coasted down into Culbertson on a long downhill. The little green hills in the photo above were just north of the highway about 5 miles west of Culbertson.

Dianne and I walked downtown to a pharmacy to get my allergy medicine refilled and ran into Kate and Claire again. We invited them to come home with us for dinner and a shower, and they gladly accepted. After all, we 2-wheelers need to watch out for one another.

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Lynda Anne said...

Liv & Mad will LOVE these horse pic's. So cute!
Stay safe!