Friday, July 16, 2010

July 16, 2010: Rest day at Minot, ND.

We did not ride today but it was not very restful.

Dianne and I heard this morning that there had been a bicyclist involved in an accident on US 2, the route we rode yesterday and the second Woman Tour group was riding today.

We heard several hours later that she was killed instantly when hit by a truck. While her friends are saying that it is the way she would have chosen, it is not the way I would have chosen. But it's not about me.

It could have been any of us any day on this tour, or on any road anywhere. I am thankful to be here and whole, and looking forward to returning to my family at the end of this tour.

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Anonymous said...

We are looking forward to your safe return as well. We love you and miss you.
Ali, Francis, Adam & Delia