Sunday, July 18, 2010

July 18, 2010: Rugby to Spirit Lake, ND. 82 miles.

Almost all of the hotels we have stayed at have featured small signs in the bathroom and on the beds stating that they are "green". They ask us to leave the card a certain place if we don't need clean sheets every day. And to hang our towels if we plan to reuse them.... but last night's hotel is the greenest hotel ever! Just look at the bathroom!

This was certainly the most enjoyable 82 mile ride I can imagine. We left Rugby around 7:30 AM, also leaving US 2 behind us. Yay! We went south on highway 3, a 2 lane nicely surfaced blacktop road with NO traffic on Sunday morning. After 25 miles of highway 3 with a quartering cross wind of 5 to 10 MPH (very comfortable) we turned east on highway 19. Now it was a gentle quartering tail wind. What could be better?

While on highway 19 we rode through 11 miles of road construction. Of course they were not working this Sunday, so we had smooth sailing all the way. I am concerned about the other group riding through it tomorrow when all those idle machines will not be idle any more. Above you can see Dianne and Laura riding away from me on the newly paved section of road at the end of the construction.

I stopped along the way to take photos of horses and hay bales. These were the first spherical hay bales we saw. We have seen large and small rectangular bales, and many round bales with flat ends, but these were different.... we saw fields of canola, flax, wheat, and soybeans all along the route. There even was a cornfield (first on this trip) as we neared the end of our day. But thankfully there were no more oil fields!

At 58 miles into the ride we turned east on highway 281, which was another low traffic paved 2 lane road. Then at 70 miles we turned on route 57 which took us through the Spirit Lake Sioux Reservation and along the lake to the Spirit Lake Casino where we are staying tonight. It's a pretty impressive place. I won't be going to the gambling floor--not my cup of tea at all. I suspect we will play some Scrabble and then go to dinner with the group. Time to kick back and relax.... only 3 riding days left on this trip.

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Anonymous said...

Great pic of the casino/hotel. Can't wait to show Rick how massive this place is. Judie