Tuesday, August 10, 2010

August 5, 2010: Clinton to LeClaire, IA. 23 miles.

Don arranged for our breakfast this morning at a small restaurant in Clinton. While at breakfast, Peggy (road crew queen) asked Bill if he could drive again today. Of course he could not turn her down, so I got another single kayak for today.

This was silly hat day, and Bill and I had new silly hats to wear this year--rooster and hen! I had to take mine off once we got on the river since it did not offer any shade. Nothing compares to my Tilley hat! We paddled through a slough this morning, going around many obstacles left over from the recent flood.

We stopped at the Shady Rest Marina at about 7 miles into our day, and had, well, a shady rest in the front yard of the marina owner's home. Then we stopped again at about 12 miles at a large park. We had to paddle upstream to get there, but it was very nice--we knew ahead of time that they would be cooking burgers and dogs for us, and the road crew was there so I got to have lunch with Bill. We ate with Ron and CC, which was fun.

At around 16 miles we stopped at a small island with a sandy beach and did some swimming. It's amazing how much stronger the current feels when you are in the water instead of on it! Toward the end of the day we regrouped to let a barge pass us, and a power boater mooned us! I did not dignify it by taking a photo. What a jerk!

When we got close to the landing I could see our tent already set up right on the waterfront! What a nice treat! We stopped and bought a couple of bottles of local wine at a little wine shop, and then had dinner with the group. While at dinner I took a photo of Bill wearing Cecille's hat, and he took one of me and Vera, one of the 2 young women who were born in Russia and are now US citizens. It is Vera's first time on the Rumble, but we met Natasha last year.

We were the closest ever to the train tracks at this site, and the trains blow thier whistles all the way through town here. We are all feeling the end of the week coming upon us, and it's sad.

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