Friday, August 20, 2010

The Launch

Yesterday we drove out to see Mike's hunting property and the little cabin he built on it. It was all great fun, but Erika can't walk very far with her broken foot, so Mike, being the great host that he is, provided her with transportation for the mile or so that we walked to see the fish pond. Toby had great fun catching frogs and getting totally mud covered while we relaxed.

We girls went to the grocery store, and then left Erika, Liza and Toby at Mike's house while Bill, Mike and I put up the mast and launched the boat. Mike arranged for us to have a free boat slip for the night--no small feat in this tourist destination in the middle of summer!

Mike drove us downtown leaving Bill on the boat to arrange things, and then when Sandy got off work we all went to dinner at the little restaurant attached to the marina. We figured that was the least we could do after getting a free boat slip!

It is pouring rain right now, but according to the weather map it should pass by the time we are through with breakfast. But rain or shine we are setting sail today! There will be intermittent internet access along our route, and I will blog as I can.

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