Sunday, October 17, 2010

October 12. SFO to DTW.

At 7:45 AM we left the hostel, walking and dragging all our luggage, and stopped for breakfast at a small restaurant on Mission Street on our way to the train station. We were actually looking forward to the long flight from San Francisco to Chicago; we had booked the same flight so we could play Scrabble.

On the way to the station I finally took some photos of the murals that decorate the Mission district, after commenting on them the whole time we were here... We got to the train station in plenty of time, got our tickets, hauled our gear down the escalator and only had to wait about 15 minutes for a train to the airport.
We sure had a lot of stuff! But it all worked out. We got to the airport, checked our luggage and settled in for a game. We did not even look at our boarding passes, and was that ever a mistake!

When it came time to board the (very full) plane we found that we were not seated together! No one would trade places with us, so we had a 5 hour flight with no Scrabble. What a bum deal! When we got home we looked and had indeed booked seats together... we just did not notice that they changed my seat in the ticketing process at the airport. Our mistake for not checking.
I made it through Ohare airport in plenty of time to catch my flight this time, and Bill was waiting for me when I exited Detroit Metro Airport at 9:30 PM. What a long day, and a 3 hour time change..... but I am glad to be home.

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The Michigonians said...

Hi Linda: What a wonderful experience you had. I am not sure about biking all that way, but the views will remain in your head for years to come. Congratulations on completing your journey...and safely, I might add. So what is next? Next time you are in the NW, let me know ahead of time, maybe we will be able to meet up. Thanks for sharing.