Sunday, October 10, 2010

October 4, 2010. Fort Bragg to Manchester, CA. 43 miles

Barb and Dianne had a nice breakfast in the campground. Lunch fixings were a bit skimpy thanks to some masked marauders (raccoons) that got into the coolers that were left out last night.... they are indeed crafty little devils.
It took us a few moments to find the path to town (shown below) and Dianne, Jenny and I finally found our way. We stopped at a great bike shop in Fort Bragg where I purchased a handlebar bag for my bike--of course, now that the trip is nearly done.
The view along the shoreline was lovely. We saw it all the way to Fort Bragg and then continuing on to Mendocino.
Dianne and I stopped at a cute little bakery in Mendocino and had frittattas, cinnamon rolls and coffee. Dianne had some strawberry rhubarb concoction. We had spent too long in Mendocino by the time we were done at the drug store and toy store.

After Albion we crossed a bridge and continued along the coast. The views were still spectacular, but the terrain became steeper and the wind picked up.

We stopped in Elk to eat our sandwiches and some snacks we bought at the Elk Market. We ran into some of the Adventure Cycling self-contained tourers there and shared a picnic table with them.

After Elk we got a little scared--the wind, which had been bad enough before, became very gusty. When we got to the hairpin turn below (on a very steep climb) we had to get off our bikes momentarily. It felt like the wind was going to blow us right over the side of the mountain.

We finally arrived safely at Manchester KOA where we had already booked a "kabin". Barb and Liz were our cooks for the night, shown in their deluxe kitchen below. There were burners, hot water in the sinks, and even a microwave oven! They created a lovely dinner of chili and cornbread, which warmed us up after Dianne and I had been sitting outside playing Scrabble (since we did not have to set up our tents). We continued playing in our Kabin until almost 10:00.

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Anonymous said...

Linda! The photos are breathtaking! Looks and sounds like you had a fabulous time! So Happy you were safe and had such a great time! I wished I was riding with you as I read your blog! You sure have had some splendid adventures! Where is the rest of your blog? xoxox Kat