Thursday, October 14, 2010

October 6, 2010. Bodega Bay to Olema, CA. 48 miles.

Today's ride was noted as the "seafood express" in our notes, and it was true! We passed the Hog Island oyster area on our route. But first we went inland for a while, passing through the lovely little town of Tomales. The bakery was open and many of us took advantage of that. Eat to ride and ride to eat...
We rode along the Tomales Bay for a long stretch, past all the oyster places and through Marshall, which was gone in the blink of an eye. We entered Port Reyes Station and stopped at the bank, a great bike shop, and Toby's Organic Coffee, where we got all coffeed up and I had a scone. I bought Toby a T-shirt of course--how many kids have a coffee shop named after them?

Everyone else rode 42 miles today, but my total was 48. I had it in my mind that the campground was 2 miles past Olema, when it was actually 2 miles past Port Reyes Station, just before Olema... But once I got 3 miles past Olema I stopped and reread the course notes. Did I mention before that I am geographically challenged? I got there OK, and was not the last rider to arrive, but darned close to it!

Dianne and I played some Scrabble after our showers while Pat was running around like a possessed person trying to get everyone together for a group photo. Tomorrow is our last day and he was so determined to get us all in a group in front of his camera.... well, he did not make it. Mary was nowhere to be found so she is missing from the photo above. Front row: Jenny, Pat, and Andrea. Second row: Barb, Greg, Marshal, Dwight, Cydney, me, Dianne, Liz, Chuck, Ross, Larry.

Since it was our last night together we had dinner at a restaurant in Olema. It was called the FarmHouse, and it felt very special to be clean, sitting at a table, with a tablecloth! And the food was superb! Pat presented Ross with a real Speedo... Ross, from England, had been referring to our bike computers as "Speedos" for the entire ride, and it really cracked up the swimmers among us!

The waiter took our photo, since Mary was with us by then. Here she is in the light blue shirt between Marshal and Liz. Someone more talented than me could probably photo shop her into the group photo--if anyone does, please send me a copy!

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