Sunday, October 17, 2010

October 8, 2010. Trip to Yosemite

Dianne and I thought about doing our laundry before leaving San Francisco, but when Damon came to pick us up he changed our minds. He assured us that if we took the time to do laundry it would take us hours longer to get out of town. So we spread out my damp tent in his apartment, left all the dirty clothes and camping gear there and hit the road about noon. After we crossed the Oakland bridge we saw fields filled with windmills, as far as we could see. When we got to Yosemite we got on another crazy winding road with hairpin turns. It seems like that is what this trip is all about! But at least we were not on our bikes. I was OK in the back seat, but Dianne was white-knucked the whole way, and if I had a dime for every time she asked Damon to slow down I would forget the Scrabble debt and be many dollars ahead!
We stopped to take photos a couple of times in Yosemite, but did not waste any time. We were anxious to get to our hotel. The Sierra Nevada mountains were towering above us at first, but we climbed the crazy road thousands of feet until we were almost at a level with the mountaintops.

We got to the Wawona Hotel just before dark, moved into our room and went to dinner. It was so nice to be indoors, clean, at a real table with a tablecloth.... and the food was excellent! I told Dianne it was the best food I'd had on this whole trip, and that's the truth.

After dinner Damon pumped up his air mattress and we all read our books a little while and then lights out. Unfortunately they were paving the road right outside our hotel, and we were facing the front. It was noisy and smelly, but they quit about midnight. Even with the paving going on it felt nice to be in a real bed with sheets. It may take a while to get over this camping trip...

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