Friday, February 11, 2011

Florida 2011. Friday February 11.

Thursday morning I swam with Jan while Dianne went to her gym. I swam 2500 yards, and at the end I had what coach Suzanne would call a breakthrough--I was cooling down, and decided to see if I could keep up with the young  woman in the lane next to me. And suddenly I was rushing through the water so fast it felt like I was leaving a wake behind me! Maybe the Sheila Taormina swim clinic I attended last week is already making a difference!

After our morning exercise we played Scrabble, and at the beginning of one game I picked up TROIKAS. This is not a setup--it was real. Very cool, lots of points too (82). Dianne had a meeting in the evening so Jan came over to (imagine this) play Scrabble with me while D was gone.

Today I decided not to run, swim or bike. I did not even go for a walk... sometimes you just need a day off.  I made us omelets and asparagus for lunch and we went to Dianne's Scrabble club.  
Later we drove to Dunedin to eat at Eli's Barbecue.  This place as small as it looks--they take your orders at the window and do the cooking in a screen house in the back. And the food was excellent! When I saw my barbecued half chicken I thought I would be eating it for days, but I ate every crumb and looked around for more. Superb!
Dianne and I decided NOT to play Scrabble tonight. believe it or not we have had enough (for today).

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