Monday, April 18, 2011

April 18, 2011. Rest day at Dauphin Island, AL.

This was a rest day, and we had every intention of resting.... it did not exactly work out that way. I went for a swim first thing, since it was so full of kids yesterday. It felt great to be back in the water. I did not swim in the ocean after seeing the sheet of instructions for jelly fish sting recovery. After last year's debacle with the hives (from jelly fish larva stings) I did not want to take a chance. After my swim, the 4 of us in this condo went for a walk to find breakfast. It was a longer walk than we expected.... along the way we saw many little stop signs... look how short they are! In the photo are Lise and Dianne flanking the sign, and Nancy down front.
We walked several miles, including going into town to get food for supper. After all the walking we hailed the $1 shuttle and got a tour of the west end of the island as well as a ride back to our condo. These houses have been rebuilt and blown away by hurricanes several times. You can see in the photo that the land is at sea level. It is beautiful here, but I don't think I could live with the threat of hurricanes hanging over my head and my home.
I went for a walk on the beach, which is beautiful--the sand is as white as sugar... there were people on the beach but no one was in the water today.
Below is a view of our condos from the beach.
Dianne and I played some Scrabble out in the balmy open air. I cooked supper for us, cleaned my bike, and we sat around as a group for a while after eating our sausage-stuffed cajun chicken, beans and rice, cucumbers, and ice cream and drinking our chilled bottle of Reisling.
Tomorrow morning we cross Mobile Bay on a ferry and ride 60 miles to finish our day in Pensacola, FL.


Rita Rowe said...

GREAT photos!!

Anonymous said...

Now THAT looks like a vacation! A fitting reward for all the hard work.