Thursday, April 21, 2011

April 21, 2011. Crestview to Marianna, FL. 92 miles.

This was the day of 90s. We rode 90 miles on highway 90 and the temperature was over 90 degrees.... my bike computer read 100, Fiona's read 99. Translation: it was very hot!

There were a couple of places under construction on highway 90, including one where state prisoners were doing the work--there was a guy with a gun supervising them. I did not think it would be polite to take their photos.

There really was nothing to photograph on this long ride. It was quite hilly, although Carol described it as "undulating terrain". Near the end of the ride we merged with highway 71. Most of the day we rode on the shoulder of 90, but the last 10 miles (through Marianna) there was no shoulder. There are some who were as cool as cucumbers riding on the busy 5-lane highway right in the lane.... Of course I rode it, but I was afraid.

When we arrived there was a table set up out front welcoming us with cold drinks and fruit. That Katherine--people all along the way have come out to meet her. Sometimes they bring fruit or dessert. She is quite a celebrity.

When I got to the room I took a shower and chilled out until Dianne arrived. Then I collected all our dirty laundry and took it to the laundry room (my turn). The stuff that needed to airdry was still out on the line when it started thundering in earnest. We hurriedly tossed them into our room and went to dinner, which was moved to the hotel breakfast room when the lightning started flashing. It is all supposed to pass by morning, leading to another very hot day. We are in Florida after all.

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The Husband said...

have some one take your picture and post it on the blog so I remember what you look like when I pick you up.(HA-HA).(am I in trouble?)