Sunday, April 3, 2011

April 3, 2011. Blanco to Bastrup, TX. 92.7 miles.

We started out just before 8 AM on a windy morning. The cloud cover stayed with us throughout most of the day, which kept the temperature down a little. (I think we ended up at 86 degrees).

We were still in Hill Country for the first half of the day, passing many ranches along the way, much like yesterday. Later in the day we even passed a chihuahua ranch, puppies available! There were no bakery stops today, due to the long mileage. I rode with Dianne out of Blanco, then spent some time riding with Liz from Colorado and Kathie from Rhode Island. I am still getting to know all of these interesting women. After the 40 mile sag stop I rode solo the rest of the day, just because no one else was riding my particular pace and I did not want to slow down and didn't have the energy to speed up! It was VERY windy, and with our zigzag route we had crosswinds, headwinds, and tailwinds. The worst of it was between the 40 mile sag and the lunch stop at 62 miles. Vicious headwinds most of that 20 some mile stretch; I could only go about 10 MPH on the flat. Fortunately, we turned after that and had quartering tailwinds the last 30 miles and I hightailed it in to the end of the ride.

I have not stopped eating since I got here at 3:45 PM. Of course it is nearly impossible to eat enough riding over 90 miles in the heat and the wind. This is what I have eaten so far today: Breakfast--scrambled eggs, blueberry muffin, and banana. 20 mile sag: cheese and crackers and an apple. Along the roadside: clif shots and a granola bar. 40 mile sag: 2 cookies, a soy bar, and a peanut butter and jam sandwich. Lunch: grilled chicken sandwich, fries and ice tea. 80 mile sag: 2 cookies and some nut clusters. Post ride: peanut butter and jam sandwich, m & ms and almonds, 2 pieces of chocolate. Dinner is in about an hour an a half. Not sure what it will be, but I guarantee I will eat it!

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Anonymous said...

Loving the description of your "feasting" - takes a LOT of calories to work that hard for that long.

And now I am stuck with visions of chihuahua roundups - wonder what kind of herding dogs you would use?