Wednesday, September 14, 2011

September 14, 2011. Mokane to McKittrick, MO. 25 miles.

Our plan today was to ride 47 miles from Mokane to Marthasville. It started raining last night, and was still raining this morning when we met up in the lobby at 7. It was slim pickings at the "continental breakfast" so we left in the pouring rain and drove to get a hot breakfast. It was still raining when we returned so we delayed our departure another hour. The Weather Channel said it would be clearing up mid day so we finally packed up around 10 AM and headed for the trail.

It was still raining when we got on the bikes (after Tom changed a flat tire) at 11:00. Bill, Ruth and Doris were waiting for us at the first trail head. We had snacks and headed out again. This is official notice to Toby: my rain gear is not really a lucky charm! After carrying it all over the country, it was still in its original packaging until this morning.

This is Bob, above, riding into the trail head, and in case you did not recognize me in my raingear, that's me in the first photo. We rode another 17 miles to the next trail head, which was our scheduled lunch stop. By then the wind had picked up and it was still raining hard and 54 degrees. We looked at tomorrow's weather forecast and took a vote. We decided we would rather ride 60 miles tomorrow in dry conditions than continue in the unrelenting rain today.

We were all cold and wet....Tom gave me a long sleeved shirt from his duffel bag, Bill gave me his fleece and finally Doris put her towel around my shoulders. I did not stop shivering until I got in the truck with the heater on--we were all dripping rain and mud. So we loaded the bikes and called it a day.

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Anonymous said...

You are right. Looks like my kind of trip. I should have joined in and made it happen. Shucks! Well, at least I missed a rainy ride. d