Monday, October 3, 2011

Sept. 25, 2011. Cape Cod. 35 miles.

Bill and I drove from Michigan to Rhode Island, taking a day and a half to get there. Dianne flew in from Florida, and we all met at Kathie's house in Cranston, RI on Saturday afternoon. Sunday morning we packed up the bikes and Bill drove us to Cape Cod. Our first stop was at the Cape Cod Canal Trail Visitors Center, where we unloaded the bikes and began our adventure (after a stop at the Visitors Center to get maps for us and postcards for the grandkids).

We rode out on the Canal Trail, with Bill acting as our personal sag, or sherpa, as we took to calling him. He had to drive on the roads while we were on the rail trail, but he was able to catch us here and there to make sure we were all OK on our first day out.

We stopped along the trail to take photos of the Bourne Bridge that we had crossed to get to the cape, and the railroad lift bridge, which we encountered at the end of the rail trail.After that we were on the road for a while. But there was little traffic, and what traffic there was gave us a wide berth. We were impressed with the courtesy of the drivers. We stopped for lunch in Woods Hole, and enjoyed it while looking out at the harbor. Kathie walked next door and bought ferry tickets for our trip to Martha's Vineyard, planned for tomorrow.

We walked around Woods Hole a while, then got back on the bikes and rode a bike path almost all the way to the hotel. Or at least to the hotel that Dianne had booked for us sight unseen. Oops... it was terrible! There was a huge dumpster right in front of our rooms, and the rooms smelled musty. There were unsavory persons hanging around outside so we decided not to stay there. We booked rooms in an inn just down the street after the man at the 7-11 store told us our original choice was a crack house! Yikes!

We drove the mile to Falmouth Village for dinner and spent some time walking around the charming village. After dinner Dianne and I played a few games of Scrabble, and then we all called it a night.

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