Thursday, October 6, 2011

Sept. 27, 2011. Cape Cod. 40 miles

When we mapped out this morning's ride, we decided to ride the roads in the morning and the bike path in the afternoon-- good choice! Bill dropped us off near Dennis this morning.
The church above was established in 1817. I am really enjoying all the history here. Some of the towns date back to the 1600s!

We made a lot of stops today as we rode along the beach on county roads. We are trying to stay off of the busy roads--even though tourist season is officially over, there is still a lot of traffic.

We were impressed with the cottages along Nantucket Sound. Like most of the homes on Cape Cod, they are of weathered cedar shingles. We could well imagine spending a week here in the fall!

Bill met us in Chatham for lunch, which we ate outdoors and thouroughly enjoyed! Then we did some shopping in Chatham before getting back on the bikes.

We continued our circle tour along the water, stopping at the Chatham lighthouse. After a while all the coves started looking alike so we headed for the bike path and the end of today's ride.

The Cape Cod Rail Trail was a real joy at the end of the day! We made the right choice of route (thank you Kathie). There was very little traffic on the trail today. We laughed when we discussed what it must be like in the summer--it must be crazy... Drivers have to give way to pedestrians in marked walkways wherever the path crosses the road, and the drivers we encountered always did. Signs directed us to get off the bikes and walk, but we did not always do this.

When we got to the end of the bike trail Bill was waiting for us. We loaded the bikes and he drove us to Hyannis. It was already 5:00 when he picked us up, so we showered and went to supper. Dianne and I played a couple of games of Scrabble, then called it another perfect day on the cape.

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