Tuesday, May 15, 2012

May 15, 2012. Memphis to Covington, TN. 63 miles.

We all said farewell to Jeannie this morning. She flew out of Memphis to go home to Florida and see to her torn achilles tendon. She tried Urgent Care here, but repairing this injury will take more than a visit to a clinic. We were all sorry to see her go--she had planned to do the whole ride.  Here she is (on the right) with Moira from Scotland on the left. Moira did not ride today because a crown fell off her tooth--she has it in the little container in her hand. Her plan is to ride in the van to Covington and go to a dentist there to have it cemented back in place.

Blonde Jane had a flat tire this morning and changed it. Here she is with Shauna (from Idaho) pumping up the tire. You go Jane! This is the woman who never changed a tire before and had not planned on having any!

Our ride out of Memphis started with many turns--there were 6 turns in the first mile alone! The longest stretch on one road was the 6 miles into town at the very end of the day. We started on the Old River Road fronting the river and a park.

By the time we got to the first SAG at almost 19 miles we had made 17 turns, some of them back on to roads we had already been on. I'd like to see this route on a map! Our SAG stop was at the General Store you see below. It was quaint; the people were very freindly, and the brownies delicious.

I started the day riding with Valerie, then after the first SAG rode the rest of the day with Dianne and Marni. This day was very hilly as we meandered through farm country. There were several horse farms, and far too many dogs out in the road barking and chasing us. Dianne said she saw more dogs today than on her entire cross country bike trip last year! Fortunately everyone stayed on two wheels, but 2 riders turned to avoid some dogs and took a slightly different route than the rest of us.

We all arrived rather early, showered and went to lunch. Dianne and I played some Scrabble in the breakfast room and then it was time for supper (Ride to Eat and Eat to Ride).  We were unable to have our state line Margarita party in Memphis so we had it tonight in Covington--here is Carol making sure we all get our Margarita!

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